A Web Application designed to manage clients, tickets and bills, with interaction between provider and clients.
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Rails minidoc

Guide documentation : visit

The RoR Project works with some main parts :

  • /config/routes.rb : the routing. The url accessible from http://... will call a Controller.method
  • /app/controllers/* : the controllers. they are the mind using the parameters and choosing the render to use
  • /app/models/* : the modelisation of the database
  • /app/views// : the views rendered after the controller
  • /db/migrate/* : the migrations. They represents the state of the databases
  • /app/assets/ : all stylesheets css, javascript, images

Create a new table, upgrade, etc.

Create a table

Creating a new table = Create a new migration. Use the command like rails generate Table data1:string data2:integer etc.

Change an existing table

Each changement on the database needs a migration. rails g migration.